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Our field of activity

The main areas of activity in plastics and environmental technology are the testing of all types of plastic pipe systems (pressure pipes for gas, water and sewage, sanitary installation systems, sewer and drainage pipes, fittings and fittings), the mechanical material properties and slow crack growth, thermal analysis and structural analysis, fire behavior as well as environmental technology issues such as geotextiles and landfill technology, products in contact with drinking water and recycling management.

In these areas of activity, we create test and inspection reports in accordance with national and international regulations such as ÖNORM tested, ÖVGW, DVGW, SVGW, GRIS, DVS, Austria quality mark and environmental label, ISO, EN, ÖNORM B 5014, DVGW W270, ÜA mark, DIN- CERTCO, NF 136 and Qplus.

Furthermore, we create findings and reports from the entire field of plastics technology, such as damage analyzes.

Plastic pipe systems

Mechanical tests and slow crack growth

Thermal analysis and structural analysis

Fire tests

the department


Plastic pipe systems

In the field of plastic pipes, we test and inspect pressure pipes for gas, water and sewage, sanitary installation systems as well as sewer and drainage pipes in accordance with all national and international regulations.  


The system tests also include testing the connection technology such as welded joints, fittings and fittings, suitability for drinking water and weathering behavior.

We For you!

In order to keep up to date with the current state of testing, we are represented in all committees such as ÖNORM, ÖVGW, GRIS, DVGW, EN and ISO.


Mechanical tests and slow crack growth

One of our main focuses is the testing of the mechanical material properties and the slow crack growth (SCG).


In addition to tensile, compression and bending tests on materials and components, over the past twenty years we have also built up a field of competence in the area of slow crack growth and have been involved in the development of some test methods.

What we can do

In this area, we offer all common tests such as CRB test, SH test, FNCT and AFNCT as well as 2NCT, NPT and ANPT.


Thermal analysis is an important test area, especially in plastics technology. The smallest sample quantities provide information about the type of polymer, additives, processing conditions, damage and the like.

We are equipped with all important test devices such as dynamic differential calorimeters (DSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), thermomechanical analysis (TMA), dynamic-mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) and Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) with coupling to microscopy and gas measuring cell .

Thermal analysis

Licht und Schatten

Fire tests

Safety in the rail or rail sector is an essential requirement for public passenger transport.

These tests as well as a fully equipped fire test room for seat testing make us a competent partner.

Unique in Austria

While a test specimen is irradiated with up to 100 kW / m² during the test using the only cone calorimeter in Austria, material tests are carried out with the spread of flame test using irradiation and additional direct flame exposure.



Thomas Kratochvilla

Head of the plastics and environmental technology department

Phone: 01 33 126 477


Head of Department

Claudia Loder

Deputy Head of Department

Plastic and environmental technology

Phone: 01 33 126 627


Plastic pipe systems

Pressure pipes for gas, water and sewage, sanitary installation systems as well as sewer and drainage pipes are no problem for us ...

Mechanical tests and slow crack growth

Tensile, compression and bending tests on materials and components can reflect the high quality of building materials. We are your competent contact

Thermal analysis

Are you familiar with the type of polymer, additives and processing conditions? We are experts in these reviews ...

Fire technical review

Plastic seating sets are becoming more and more important in our hygienic age. It is important that these are fire-resistant ...

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