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Our field of activity

Acoustical measurements and calculations with the following focal points:

  • Testing of the sound insulation of building components

  • Testing the sound absorption of elements

  • Noise emission and immission measurements

  • Noise immission forecasts and assessments

  • acoustically relevant material tests

  • Measurements and calculations for room acoustics

  • Participation in research projects in the field of psychoacoustics

Testing of the sound insulation of building components

Noise emission and noise emission

Room acoustics

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Testing of the sound insulation of building parts

It is investigated how much sound caused by e.g. B. a window, a wall, a door or a ceiling passes through.

Standard test stands are available to determine the airborne sound insulation.


These each consist of two rooms, between which the test object is installed. Loud noise is then generated in one room and the sound level is measured in both rooms at the same time. If necessary, the measurement of the sound level difference can also be carried out with a component installed in the building.

Did you know?

The sound insulation both of the external components and between apartments is an essential criterion for the quality of life and health of the residents of residential buildings.

Emission und Imission

How does this work?

Using computer models, we use standardized methods to calculate the propagation of sound from the source to, for example, neighbors and can thus predict the effectiveness of noise protection measures, such as a noise protection wall.

Protecting the population from noise is an essential criterion for quality of life and health.

Noise emission and noise emission

It is investigated how loud a sound source (e.g. machine is) and / or how much noise arrives at a position to be protected (e.g. apartment).

The sound emission of a sound source can be measured at its installation location or in our anechoic room. We also measure the noise immission, for example in front of a bedroom window, with calibrated measuring devices.

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Room acoustics

The acoustic properties of a room are examined by measurement and improvement measures are worked out with computer models.

The acoustic properties of a room can be described by standard measurement of the reverberation time and other parameters, such as speech intelligibility.


In the computer model, it can be shown on which areas of the room, for example, sound-absorbing wall cladding is advantageous.

Why is that important?

Good room acoustics are indispensable in lecture rooms for speech intelligibility, in concert halls for a pleasant feeling of the music performance and, last but not least, for health-preserving and concentration-promoting noise reduction in work rooms such as offices, factory halls or school classes.


Alexander Niemczanowski

Head of Department Acoustics and Building Physics

Phone: 01 33 126 413


Head of Department

Herbert Muellner

Deputy Head of Department

Acoustics and building physics

Telephone: 01 33 126 400


Testing of the sound insulation of building parts

The noise protection represents in today's highly industrialized  Time an increasingly important role as more and more people live and work close to each other ...

Sound emission and sound emission

The exact measurement of the sound propagation can play an important role in the development of products ...

Room acoustics

Acoustics are the key to a good sense of space. Play it safe and have the room acoustics of your planned project simulated ...


The holistic effect of noise pollution  cannot be described by the physical measurand of the sound pressure level alone. We have set up a perception laboratory

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